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First of all let's stop calling “Congratulations You Won” a virus. Technically “Congratulations You Won” is not considered a computer virus. As a typical browser hijacker, “Congratulations You Won” is programmed to display a multitude of popups, banners, box messages and other forms of online.
Your Chrome homepage or search engine keeps changing without your permission. Unwanted Chrome extensions or toolbars keep coming back. Your browsing is hijacked, and redirects to unfamiliar pages or ads. Alerts about a virus or an infected device. Here are some steps you can take to get rid of unwanted software. Click to Play! special promotions online virus android


How to Uninstall Malware from Your Android Device « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Please help! I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 and the last 2 or 3 days I've had this Internet Explorer page pop up from **website removed**. The page looks like a screen shot of a Facebook page. It says I've been selected for a Special deal and has a ticker counting down the time before the deal ends. I can't ...
Suspect apps (often promising free work software, cheat codes, new games, porn, or money) are an increasingly common method of getting viruses onto your mobile devices, where they wreak havoc and steal data. If you can still access your Android device, your first step should be to get rid of the infected ...

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Navigate to the All or Installed tab (depending on your device). Select your web browser in the list (this will vary depending on your preferred browser; for example, it could be listed as "Browser," "Internet," "Chrome," etc.). Figure 1-3. Click the image to view larger in new window. Tap Clear cache. Figure 1-4
Android virus is a group of malicious applications that encrypt files, lock the screen, steal personal data, deliver aggressive or infected ads and cause other.. If your phone or other Android-based device has started freezing up and stopping from functioning while you are browsing the Internet, you should ...
“Annoyed users have made their unhappiness known.” They added: “If you see these apps in Google Play, don't download them. We'll continue working with Google to get the remaining apps removed. “The continued onslaught of malicious Android apps demonstrates the need to use an Android anti-virus.
... Chrome Help Forum. Categories: Android : pre-64 (older versions) : Report an Issue : Could you try downloading another browser such as Opera Mini or Firefox from the Play Store and see if it also happens there? Then we can know if it is only happening to Chrome or not. Previous post Next post.

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Farelam.online “Virus” is a typical representative of this software. It usually integrates as an add-on within your default browser and ensures that you are redirected to certain websites and prompted to click on as many promotional messages as possible. The idea behind this activity is simple – the adware has to make.
This page aims to show you how remove pop up “virus” ads also known as Adware. The removal of Ads from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer works for all versions and iterations of Windows (including removal of ads from Mac/OS X). Pop-under adware. In addition to the regular adware there is what is called.
You can edit your DNS config either using your router's interface (typically or by going to the Internet properties on your computer. A lot of such PUPs are distributed through installs - either on your web browser or on your computer. These can also be distributed as Trojan horses via illegally ...
Free antivirus and phone security solution for Android™ devices by Kaspersky Lab ⭐ Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a FREE-to-download antivirus solution to help keep phones and tablets – that can be even more vulnerable than your computer – as well as your private information secure from online dangers.

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The page looks like a screen shot of a Facebook page.
It says I've been selected for a Special deal and has a ticker counting down the time before the deal ends.
I can't make it stop popping up.
I never click on anything but just close the page out.
I checked Facebook and there is no page for this site.
My virus protection keeps saying I'm safe but I don't think I am.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I would suggest clearing the data from the browser.
See if that helps.
I ask because I don't think Internet Explorer is available for Android.
If you are referring to the internet browser then give clearing cache a try as suggested by Golfdriver above and let us know if that helps.
Also, try taking a screen shot and post it here for us to look at.
I have tried clearing everything in my apps, history, and I have not downloaded any new apps that it could be piggybacking on.
Please, if someone figures this out it would be appreciated.
It is obviously some sort of malware that isn't being detected.
I never utilize any free applications on my new Motorola Android because I don't like ads.
It appears two to three times per day and ONLY when I open my texting application.
I beleive that it came from an application named "Life Reminders" by Cameleo Tech.
Do either of you have this app on your phone?
When it happens it instantly opens up a text box and forces me to acknowledge their text box.
This then opens my default browser Opera and takes me to allformymobile.
I then close the browser and I won't see it again for several hours.
I've even installed special promotions online virus android reliable and highly-rated anti-virus and malware detectors but with no success.
I eventually uninstalled "LIfe Reminders" and I thought I had solved the issue but it's back.
I looked on my list of installed applications and I found another "Life Reminders" line on my list of installed special promotions online virus android />I then uninstalled it but it's back.
This all started about three days ago.
Can either of you list the applications that you've installed in the last three days?
I'll do the same so that we can find a common denominator.
I'm using an application named "App Install Monitor" which displays the install and last update date of every installed application on my device.
Let's find the cure.
It's driving me batty!!!
I never click Ok, always cancel.
I cleared my cache, cookies and even history.
It takes me to the same website.
I don't have the facebook app on my phone, so that's not the cause.
I've cleared my cache for almost all of my apps, cleared my browser history, and uninstalled a few apps, but it just happened again.
My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 does it on every startup and I have scanned and erased all history.
It does it with whatever browser I use.
I looked up on whole and they are some scam company out of London.
I am guessing the antivirus has not discovered it yet.
Have cleared my chrome cache.
Uninstalled the two apps I installed right before it happened.
They were mp3 downloaders.
Could it have anything to do with snap chat?
Says "congradulations your profile has been selected" I have found no such website, when you google it, it takes me to DreamHost who supposedly owns it.
As soon as it pops up again i will get a screen shot is possible.
It's not when I open or close a certain app.
It happened first thing this morning before I even opened any apps.
I don't have to be doing anything and it will just pop up.
I took a screen shot but don't know how to post it on this thread.
I've cleaned everything thru AVG and it says my phone is good.
I have 2 screen shots but don't know how to post special promotions online virus android here.
Can you tell me how to do that?
I, too, installed it about 2 weeks ago.
It's possible that the creator of this malware designed it to postpone activity until a week or more have passed thus compelling the user to believe that it is not the likely source.
Does anyone else remember installing MP3 Downloader recently?
One more thing, this malware took me to special promotions online virus android new website this morning and I can usually just close the page to which I'm taken by using the "Back" key but when I hit the "Back" key it simply reloaded for a second time.
It could have been an error on my part or it may be getting more aggressive.
Let me know if you're experiencing any increased aggressive activity.
I do recall downloading MP3 downloader a few weeks back.
I have not noticed any behavior becoming more aggressive though.
This started about 3 days ago too!
I still have MP3 downloader on the phone, so I do a little testing to see if this does it or not.
I Uninstalled it, restarted my phone, then immediately went to all of my settings apps and Internet and cleared out all cache and history, and restarted my phone again.
So far it has not popped back up since I did this last night.
I also reported the website.
I am sure everyone reporting can't hurt.
I recently downloaded MP3 downloader also and it appears that a second one downloaded without my knowledge of it.
This could be the source of the issue.
I had the app for a few days and http://victory-bet.win/online/special-promotions-online-virus-android-1.html the second one just randomly appeared.
I have deleted both applications and I will keep you up to date if any progress has been made.

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